To craft an experience that is informative, engaging and attractive is an immense challenge.
We live for that challenge.

Double Dare Design was born from a desire for projects with substance and meaning, and a passion for collaboration. We’re tired of seeing cookie-cutter exhibitions and templated creativity. We believe that good things happen when clients and designers work side by side.

We listen. We collaborate. And we love the challenge of crafting unrivaled experiences.

So bring it on… we double dare you.

What do you mean by a “boutique exhibition design firm?”

We are small and nimble. We keep a limited, select client base and dedicate all of our energy and creativity to bringing their exhibitions to life.

How small are you, exactly?

It depends on your project. We have a stable of elite designers, writers and content developers that we call upon and engage on a project-to-project basis. Just need a single consultant? We can help you. Need a turn-key large-scale exhibition? We do that, too.

I have my own content team. Can you work with them?

Of course. Our speciality is dovetailing our expertise with yours, building teams that trust each other and find synergies together.

I have a pretty strong idea of what I want, and I’m tired of butting heads with contractors. Are we going to get along?

We are. It’s your project; you know your visitors and your organization. Our job is to understand who you are and what you’re looking for, and use our talents to ease the way towards a great product and a smooth opening. You’ll find we’re very good listeners.

I don’t speak ‘exhibition design’ and I’m tired of feeling steamrolled by my stakeholders and my funders.

Client advocacy is one of our specialties. We will take your vision and turn it into words, drawings, dollars and cents, and help you champion your project right through to production. We’ll be on your side from start-up to opening day.

I don’t need a turnkey contractor—I just need help filling out my project team.

Think of us as wildcards – the good kind. Like a joker in a poker hand, we can fit any gap you have in your exhibit development process, from early concepts through to opening day. We assemble teams that dovetail into your own infrastructure, allowing you to work directly with skilled design professionals. Our approach allows us to home in on your specific creative requirements. It’s all about the synergy: we’re here to help you get it done, and get it done well.