Design Approach

Great exhibitions tell stories.

They provoke curiosity, evoke emotions, create context, and reveal truths.

How does it happen? By putting content first.

We believe that everything starts with content—the meanings and connections that lie hidden in your objects, your art, your artifacts. We work closely with you to tease out the essence of your story, and flesh it out into a thematic framework that brings it to life with strength and integrity.

Audience comes next: who are your clients?

We are strong believers in market research, working with you to understand your guests’ needs, interests and passions. The most important question: What is the way to their heart?

And that leads us to the fun part: the creative mix.

Next we put our heads together to envision visitor experiences—interactives, programs, touchables, text and artifacts—that surprise and delight your guests. We are purveyors of wonder, after all.

Where does design fit in? From start to finish.

Our designers are part of the process throughout, helping ensure that every piece of the exhibition is attractive, meaningful and clear… and most importantly, ensuring that it all works together, seamlessly and beautifully.

. . . without ever forgetting the nuts and bolts.

There’s more to design than aesthetics, of course. From beginning to end, our designers work behind the scenes to tackle the unglamorous side of it all: those real-world constraints like budgets, conservation standards, infrastructure issues, mechanical and lighting challenges, power and data distribution, back of house space… All of those sticky problems that your guests will never know about (and that you don’t have time to address on your own.) When we say we love a challenge, we mean it.

Our passion is finding the sweet spot between form and function.

Because design without content is just decorating with artifacts. And almost anybody can do that.

Take your visitor experience to a whole new level. We double dare you.