Beaty Biodiversity Museum: Visitor Experience Project

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UBC, British Columbia, Canada
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Interactive Exhibit, Interpretive Exhibit, Museum Exhibit
The Beaty Biodiversity Museum

The Dare

To revamp how guests are welcomed to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, and to bring the museum’s most prominent specimen to life.

Double Dare provided the design support required for the Beaty to move forward with a series of incremental improvements that would increase visitor engagement at the first stop in their museum visit.

The Outcome

As guests enter the Beaty, they typically ask about the blue whale skeleton that dominates the space. The museum wanted to replace the temporary display they’d created to answer guests’ questions.

Double Dare was asked to design a welcoming, accessible update to the temporary display.  The new “whale station exhibit” sets a professional tone by reflecting the brand of the Museum and provides guests’ with a positive initial impression of their visit.

The exhibit can be easily changed by in house staff, featuring graphics that can be printed in-house, and touchable specimens that can be changed out by collections staff. When staff are not available to supervise the exhibit, the touchable specimens can be viewed through a removable acrylic cover.

A new media component provides additional audio visual content. To address a lack of power in the exhibit space, Double Dare worked with the museum to design a tablet-based exhibit that is entirely battery powered.

Special events in the lower lobby were given special consideration. All the exhibit components are mobile. The whale station exhibit can be split in half so that it can go through doors in the building. The staff kiosk can double as a podium for speakers.

A secondary element of the project was to improve the comfort and efficiency of staff and researchers by creating a custom mobile work cart for use while accessing the collection cabinets. Double Dare assisted with the retrofit of an existing cart design, increasing the height of the work surface, improving specimen security and storage, and bringing the cart in line with the aesthetics of the museum.

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