TELUS Spark: Being Human

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Exhibit Type
Interactive Exhibit, Science Centre Exhibit
TELUS Spark/NSC2011
8,000 SF

The Dare

The Calgary Science Centre was recreating itself with a new mission, in a new building, with four new exhibit galleries.

The challenge of designing the exhibits for the “Being Human” gallery included:
  • connecting guests to the science behind the human experience
  • building the visitor experience using elements of interactivity, art & personal stories
  • creating a contemplative space to encourage guests to reflect on ways science may have shaped their personal experience

The Outcome

Double Dare contributed early in the development process by generating and pilot testing interactive exhibit concepts. This identified compelling activities to develop into fully realized exhibits; guests hug to promote the release of oxytocin, search for the sound of their voice in a maze of other voices, and interact with each other using only body gestures. The “family cottage” look and feel was translated into exhibits made from familiar materials that create a place where guests are comfortable discovering what makes them unique. This project was done with DE Design & Environment.

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