Dinosaurs Unearthed

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North America, Australia, China
Exhibit Type
Themed Attraction, Traveling Exhibit
Dinosaurs Unearthed
2008 – 2015
15,000 SF

The Dare

For an extinct species, these dinosaurs move around a lot.

Dinosaurs Unearthed! was conceived as a travelling exhibition with full scale animatronic dinosaurs, and many challenges:
  • Indoor venues range from 5,000 to 15,000 square feet
  • Some venues are indoors, some are outdoors
  • Did anyone notice that dinosaurs are big?

The Outcome

Initially, Double Dare worked with Dinosaurs Unearthed (DU) to develop an interpretive plan and general design approach for a brand new 15,000 sf traveling exhibit featuring a collection of animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils.

Working with paleontologists from the University of Alberta and the Cincinnati Museum Center, we designed the core scenes of the exhibit based on the company’s existing inventory. Then we designed a system of graphics, stanchions, display cases and interactive consoles that blend in with the dioramas, improving interactivity as well as setup times. This new display system was first rolled out at the Cincinnati Museum Center, where the exhibit became the third highest-attended event in the Museum’s history.

Since then, Double Dare consulted on the development of numerous exhibitions, including:

  • 2011, Xtreme Dinosaurs, developed in conjunction with Telus World of Science World
  • 2015, Creatures of the Deep, developed in conjunction with Sea World Gold Coast
  • 2016, Dinosaur Journey Macau, a permanent exhibition on Fisherman’s Wharf

We’ve also assisted with DU’s development of exhibitions for popular outdoor venues such the “Dinosaurs Alive!” venues owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment (2011), “Xtreme Bugs” developed in conjunction with Brookfield Zoo (2012), and the much loved “Prehistoric Park” revitalization at the Calgary Zoo (2010, 2014).

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