Entwined Histories: Gifts from the Maisie Hurley Collection

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North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Exhibit Type
Interpretive Exhibit, Museum Exhibit
North Vancouver Museum and Archives
1,220 SF

The Dare

The North Vancouver Museum & Archives was launching an exhibit of the Maisie Hurley collection, their first exhibit of First Nations artifacts.

The exhibit had to:
  • Show as much of the collection as possible
  • Leverage the museum’s existing collection of exhibit furnishings
  • Make efficient use of a limited amount of space
  • Create an enticing plan that would meet the approval of the local Squamish community

The Outcome

Double Dare worked with the Squamish guest curators to develop an appropriate colour palette to create harmony among the Museum’s varied collection of second hand display cases. The existing furnishings were complemented by purpose built cases, allowing for diverse display options. Guests could view portraits & artifacts, watch interviews, touch an exhibit of contemporary cedar bark handcrafts, and open drawers to investigate more of the collection. The exhibit design consistently received approvals from the Squamish community members who regularly reviewed the project.

The exhibit design was great. We thought that it was such a perfect use of the space that it was worth using that layout again as the basis for the next show.

Luc Desmarais Collection Coordinator, North Vancouver Museum and Archives

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