Guanghui Saussurea Art Gallery

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Urum Qi, Xinjiang, China
Exhibit Type
Art Gallery
Lord Cultural Resources
80,000 SF

The Dare

Provide a lavish home to a varied collection of 400 contemporary Chinese paintings.

In partnership with Lord Cultural Resources, Double Dare Design provided design services for more than 80,000 square feet of galleries, as well as public gathering spaces.

The Outcome

Double Dare’s designs transformed a gigantic empty space into a series of rooms custom-designed to house the art collection and create a well-paced visitor experience. We established the overall aesthetic of the gallery, including a detailed interior layout. The layout was greatly informed by our approach to organizing the collection into meaningful themes and our visitor flow strategy between the galleries and public spaces.

In addition to designing the gallery spaces, Double Dare made recommendations on art hanging methods and standards, as well as consulted on the aesthetics and organization of the lobby and entry spaces. We also worked very closely with the team at Lord to provide feedback on facilities and infrastructure planning, including back-of-house circulation and security.

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