Dinosaur Journey Macau

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Macau, China
Exhibit Type
Themed Attraction
Dinosaurs Unearthed
43,000 SF

The Dare

To create a concept for a world-class, family-friendly attraction in the heart of Macau's waterfront casino district.

When Dinosaurs Unearthed undertook the redesign of an entertainment facility on Fisherman's Wharf, Double Dare Design was brought on-board to provide design solutions to support the dino-sized venture.

The Outcome

In keeping with the Macau governments desire to diversify its visitor base, Dinosaurs Unearthed teamed up with a key player in Macau’s casino industry to provide designs for a world-class entertainment and educational dinosaur facility.

Double Dare Design led the creative charge behind the concept of this one-of-a-kind attraction, featuring spectacular multi-media, immersive environments and engaging interactive content. The attraction features three primary forms of engagement:

  • a life-sized animated dinosaur environment
  • an interactive exhibition hall
  • an immersive motion cinema

We worked side-by-side with DU to build and oversee a dedicated exhibition design team that tackled all aspects of the venue design, including:

  • front of house planning
  • back of house planning
  • infrastructure planning
  • architectural coordination
  • 4D theatre procurement
  • content development
  • exhibition design
  • media and interactive design
  • lighting design

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