Pacific Science Enterprise Centre

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West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Interpretive Exhibit, Signage
Pacific Science Enterprise Centre

The Dare

Provide a world class aquatic research hub with a variety of exhibits that introduces the public to their current aquatic research activities and the site’s history as a place of aquatic knowledge.

In partnership with Ingenium, Double Dare Design developed a foundation of high quality interpretive planning, exhibit and graphic design that ensured professional level exhibits that respond to the needs of the Pacific Science Enterprise Centre's community.

The Outcome

As a hub of education and research, the Centre welcomes students, partners, stakeholders and visitors from the region and beyond. Outside this small group of visitors, few people know what goes on behind the fence of this little known Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) facility.

In partnership with Ingenium’s Sustainable Development Initiative, Double Dare designed and built a series of interpretive exhibits to foster local understanding of PSEC and its work. The exhibit also acknowledges and celebrates its current collaborations with its academic, community, corporate and government partners, plus past uses of the site as a cannery and possible First Nation’s village site. We led the creative direction of the project, establishing an interpretive approach that dovetailed with the thematic messages already outlined in PSEC’s master plan for the site.

Working closely with PSEC and Ingenium staff, we paired the exhibit opportunities with potential spaces throughout the facility and the site, including public facing areas and secure areas that are typically only accessible only during guided tours. The main entrance, the classroom and lab areas all host new exhibits.

The exhibit was planned in multiple phases to align with federal funding cycles. We are currently working on Phase 2, in which two board rooms and a stairwell will be interpretively themed to commemorate past uses of the site.

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