Westport Visitor Centre

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Exhibit Type
Corporate Exhibit, Interactive Exhibit, Visitor Centre
Lord Cultural Resources; Westport Innovations
4,000 SF

The Dare

To impress potential partners and investors while building pride among Westport’s staff and affiliates.

When Lord Cultural Resources was selected to plan the concept for Westport’s visitor centre, Double Dare worked with the team to create an experience that would inspire investment from all visitors, from within the company and beyond.

The Outcome

To underline Westport’s leadership in natural gas transportation solutions, the exhibit concept focuses on the results of their extensive R&D efforts with displays of their natural gas engines, coupled with case studies, milestones and global partnerships. To build emotional appeal throughout, the human element shone through in graphics and multimedia, offering visitors an opportunity to hear stories from the founders, staff, and partners.

To engage visitors with various degrees of technical knowledge, we designed low-tech interactives using laymen terms as well as high-tech interactives containing highly specialized technical information.

As many of the display engines are frequently taken to trade shows, we designed the experience to accommodate these items, whether coming or going. In addition to developing the physical design of the exhibition concept – which was tightly tied to the company’s rebranding – Double Dare coordinated with architects, fabricators and interactive producers to ensure the exhibit’s technical needs were met.

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