Immemorial Yunnan

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Kunming, Yunnan, China
Exhibit Type
Museum Exhibit
Lord Cultural Resources; Yunnan Provincial Museum
30,150 SF

The Dare

To rapidly generate a thoughtful, innovative conceptual floor plan for the Immemorial Yunnan Gallery.

With a concept submission deadline looming and piles of content to wade through, Lord Cultural Resources approached Double Dare to work with their development team in Beijing to build a framework for a vibrant visitor experience.

The Outcome

The 30,150 square foot natural history gallery in the new Yunnan Provincial Museum was conceived of as a chronologically linear affair. The gallery is introduced in a sweeping, multi-layered cinematic experience; the exhibition space that follows is divided into four distinct time periods, starting with geological and biology history and working forward through the Dinosaur Age, Early Humans, and Life in Ancient Yunnan.

The overall concept was for a vibrant, multi-faceted gallery. An exciting range of display methods provides continuity between the four time periods. The dynamic visitor experience builds on traditional dioramas and didactic panels that are enhanced by high-tech audio visuals interspersed with interactive elements, immersive recreations of ancient sites, and immense sculptural elements.

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