“None of us is as smart as all of us.” - Ken Blanchard
Melanie Greenaway, Creative Contortionist

Melanie founded Double Dare Design to foster her passion for exhibit design. She has worked on collaborative, content-based exhibit projects under that banner for twenty years.

Exhibition design is delicate and complex—it requires equal measures of artistic impulse and technical know-how. Melanie’s approach strikes that balance, and augments it with her considerable skills in coordination, consultation and interdisciplinary communication. The proof is in the long list of returning clients who appreciate her thoughtful and achievable design solutions: civic museums, science centres, nature centres, historical attractions, interpretive centres, traveling exhibits and art galleries around the world.

Marjolaine Brabander, Junior Contortionist

Marjolaine joined the Double Dare team in 2017. Trained in Europe with a Masters in Architecture, she has a keen ability to apply design details across multiple scales and mediums. She is often found developing complex design details and assisting with interdisciplinary coordination.

Our projects benefit greatly from her particular attention to detail, and team members frequently remark on how pleasant she is to work with. Her considerable design talent has been put to use on over a dozen Double Dare projects within Metro Vancouver and abroad, and we look forward to her being involved in many more.